Friday, October 17, 2014


Creativity is a kind of flow. It's not a mathematical entity, to be deduced by certain pertaining formulas coming together to achieve. It's rather a unconscious, irreversible flow of energy in a particular form.

Nonetheless there is a basis for achieving said flow. It does not happen by itself out of nowhere. Imagine creativity as the flow of water from a dam. It follows certain mechanisms and needs certain functional elements fulfilled in order to seem to appear out of nowhere. In similar fashion, creativity may just be a flow, but to be flowing it needs to be gathered and accumulated first. Later a shift in energy is essential in the process of initiation of flow. The power of intention comes into play as well, ever so slightly it may be.

Yes, it's a radical concept. But what great thing isn't?

Be Creative.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Whether to continue or to stop, that is the question, isn't it? Well it is quite hard to continue something without fruitful results or reception. But without continuing you may never know whether you will reach the space reached by few.

It is wise, I think, to put forth effort only in things that are useful, in the sense that it can help another person. That means, though, nothing worthwhile is being done. Well, nothing can be done about the fact that nothing worthwhile is being done because knowing that doesn't change a damn thing.

Whether to continue or not is not a moral question, it is a psychological decision, to be taken solely by yourself. Because the choice you choose, you have to live with it, for as long as you wish to live with it. If you tell someone about your choice, then you have to live with it for longer, probably.

Nonetheless, it is important to follow your heart, not just because it pumps blood, but mostly because it pumps hope into the hopeless life we all live.