Thursday, July 17, 2014


A full stomach is not a good tool. It is not unnatural to experience some kind of memory fog after having a big meal. Hence the best policy is to eat moderately at more frequency.

The caloric need is to be satisfied and that is the main goal of eating food. But the right kind of foods have better impact on the biology inside our body. If we are eating right and eating right foods, we are better equipped to function at our absolute best.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Food is what fuels us. But the kind of food we eat determine how we get fueled. Not all foods are same, similar to how not all fuels of automobiles are same. Some engines are suited to be fueled in a particular way, similarly all humans tend to have different optimal conditions to satisfy when it comes to food.

Though the argument of adaptation is large, science does come in handy to determine the optimal foods to lead a more than healthy life for however desirably longer period you want to live. The science is all there, though buried layers down all the bullshit that's floating freely. He who looks for it, and destined to find it, will find it and prosper.

Search and attain high performance via the medium of food!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It is almost impossible to just start writing without having an end goal in mind. It is maybe possible, but the outcome will not be more desirable than the outcome of starting with a goal in mind. Goals create meaning in every action and that is what makes the process worthwhile- the goal.

A goal centered way of living might not seem so fruitful, yet the other side of the spectrum seems worse. Goals create focus, and aids in better motivated action, than a lackluster goalless wandering.

Have a goal. Now!